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Vlad Matsnev’s experience: ADHD

“I have been diagnosed with ADHD more than 10 years ago. There are good sides or, well, the ones I know how to use: hyper-focus – when I can dedicate time to my work even on a football stadium. My endless amount of energy helps with this just as much. So basically, this bubbly personality of mine is also tied to the fact that I have a nuclear reactor up my ass.

However, there are also things I struggle with. One of them is complete, paralyzing anxiety – I might sit in front of the laptop for hours not being able to do anything. It doesn’t feel like being tired but a total, complete loss of control over my power of will. It took me years to understand and accept that no, I am not lazy or unorganized or dumb or anything of the above. I work differently and I have to come to terms with it.

When I started my new job, I was introduced to PĒLL. It was praised by lots of people from my circle, but I stayed sceptical. Anything “bio” was always raising my brow – most of the organic things were causing allergies and rashes and I would rather use something less invasive than that. But I caved in and tried. Now my life is divided into “before” and “after”. My symptoms dropped like someone’s ass on a Friday dance floor. In a month of using full-spectrum CBD oil:

  • My bruxism got better;
  • I started to snore less;
  • my scalp got better;
  • IBS got under control.

But most importantly, anxiety is no longer paralyzing. You know that pissed, irritated state when anything can provoke you into going berserk? It vanished. There are no mood swings. Your mood becomes more leveled and calm and it is easier to keep focus. Do not wait like I did. If you want to hate something, try it first. But in this case, try it and thank me later.” – Vlad Matsnev #pellpeople

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