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Alex’s CBG experience as an IBD patient

CBG – My Experience as an IBD Patient

“Last month, the folks at PĒLL reached out and asked if I’d be interested in getting an early look at their brand-new cannabigerol (CBG) oil. As someone who has long been curious about cannabinoids and the benefits they can bring, I jumped at the chance!

I suffer from Crohn’s disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and have recently read a lot of promising research regarding CBG’s ability to reduce inflammation and support gastrointestinal health (see here and here for starters!). This was the perfect opportunity for me to see these benefits first-hand and document the beginning of my PĒLL journey.”

First Impressions

“I took two drops of PĒLL’s CBG oil (as well as their full-spectrum CBD oil for my ADHD, which you can read about here) under the tongue once a day for two weeks. The first thing I noticed about CBG oil was how surprisingly pleasant administering it was. Perhaps it was all the scientific terms that get thrown around, or some of the low-quality essential oils I’ve encountered in the past, but I had expected something quite harsh with a chemical-heavy taste.

The reality was totally the opposite! The CBG oil has a rich and smooth mouth feel, and a nutty flavour that is really quite tasty. I came to look forward to my daily ritual of CBG application (even if I did regularly crave walnuts afterwards!).”

A Noticeably Happier Body

“After about five days to a week of taking CBG, I began noticing positive effects on my body. It is difficult to accurately measure day-to-day inflammation levels for IBD patients, but I noticed that my trips to the bathroom were fewer, more regular, and less of an event than they often can be.

The second week of my experience was much the same. My condition improved even further, to the point where I rarely had any reason to think of my condition. Of course, IBD can involve periods where symptoms are much more intense (often called flares), and CBG may not be enough in these situations to actively combat severe inflammation. As I was not flaring during the case study, I could not test this first-hand, but I found CBG to be the perfect supplement to my IBD medication during this period of disease recession.”

Mood Booster

“It is well-documented that CBG can help reduce anxiety and regulate mood. I found throughout my experience – especially after the first five days or so – that my mental health improved significantly. Gone was a lot of the constant ‘white noise’ that I find often inhabits my brain, and so too were the majority of superfluous doubts and worries that would often plague my day. I found myself clear-headed, happier, and focusing more on the important stuff.

As mentioned earlier, my case study involved taking both CBG (for my IBD symptoms) and CBD (for my insomnia and ADHD symptoms). As CBD is also renowned for its ability to alleviate anxiety and improve mood, it may be impossible to say which cannabinoid was responsible for my improved mental health and to what degree. What I can say with certainty, however, is that this particular cannabinoid combo worked wonders for me, and it’s something I’ve stuck with since!”

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

“I think my most important takeaway from this experience has been that CBG, like any cannabinoid product, is not a short-term instant fix. If you take CBG oil sporadically, you are likely not going to find the effects all that noticeable. Regular use, allowing your body to build up its levels of CBG and respond accordingly, will allow for the full spectrum of benefits to be felt. My advice to anyone beginning their PĒLL journey would be to find a daily application routine that works for you,

The greatest compliment I can pay PĒLL and their products is that I have continued to take their CBG and CBD daily after the conclusion of my two-week case study. I have noticed a sustained improvement in my physical and mental well-being, even during strenuous work periods and Christmas overindulgence, and now consider PĒLL products to be a vital part of my daily routine. I’m thankful for the experience, and now proudly count myself amongst the ever-growing numbers of #pellpeople!” – Alex Emberton, MRes

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