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Cannabinoids – Your safe and effective support system for maintaining and strengthening mental health

Mental health issues concern each of us! And especially now, in difficult times caused by the current world situation. If you feel stressed, exhausted, or anxious, know that it is completely normal to feel uncomfortable in between and that you have the power to change your state! But in order to do this, you must first understand which aspect of your life causes mental imbalance.

We connected with a senior psychiatrist here in Estonia who shared his knowledge about cannabinoids and mental health with us. According to Psychiatrist Dr. Margus Lõoke, the causes of mental disorders can be primarily divided into three categories.

First of all, a person’s genetic uniqueness and the sensitivity of the body and brain play a role. Secondly, the maturation of the brain and the development of the organism are influenced by the childhood environment. And thirdly – ​​a person’s current environment can cause a genetic predisposition or previous growth difficulties to materialize in the form of a mental disorder.

However, the good news is that by following simple lifestyle adjustments, we can retrain our bodies to function more healthily and restore balance both mentally and physically.

Start creating positive change with healthy everyday choices

To create a permanent state of well-being, it is worth preparing a mental health checklist:

🔸 Create healthy eating habits that suit your body;
🔸 Bring enough physical, mental, and social activity into every day;
🔸 Stop poisoning your body;
🔸 Have a tangible, realistic daily plan and routine in which resting plays an important role;
🔸 Maintain a regular sleep rhythm.

Sleep and nutrition are two very important biological factors that affect the health of the body. In exactly the same way that nutrition is corrected for heart disease, it must also be done for mental health imbalances. Excessive consumption of sugar and carbohydrates, as well as alcohol and narcotic substances, should be avoided. It is recommended to include seafood and nuts in the menu, the beneficial fatty acids contained in them support the optimal functioning of the brain. High-quality fatty acids can also be consumed with food supplements.

In order to improve the quality of sleep, it is recommended to sleep in a quiet, dark, and cool bedroom and to avoid looking at screens with blue light before falling asleep. The radiation from the devices affects the brain via receptors in the fundus of our eyes, which are involved in regulating sleep and producing optimal daytime energy.

However, if you feel that you need support in the form of psychiatric treatment in addition to lifestyle changes, Dr. Margus Lõoke recommends making the effort and trying natural alternatives instead of drugs first to help improve mental well-being safely. Changes in lifestyle show their positive effects over time, but supporting the body with CBD oil can alleviate an attack of anxiety or depression in just a moment.

Natural alternatives help avoid drug addiction

Dealing with mental health certainly should not be postponed the situation where coping mechanisms take over living. Before starting a psychiatric course of treatment, it is worth contacting a psychologist, dealing with worrying thoughts through various therapies and trying to support brain activity with the help of natural medicine.

“Brain function and mental health can also be effectively influenced by various external compounds, one of the most effective of which is cannabidiol, or CBD, which directly relates to the body’s endocannabinoid system, increases the body’s readiness to cope with stressful situations, helps relieve anxiety and regulate sleep rhythms.”

Dr. Margus Lõokene, a psychiatrist-senior physician at the PERH psychiatric clinic.

Compounds extracted from cannabis have gained an important place in both sleep-promoting and anxiety-relieving preparations thanks to increased scientific research. Compared to melatonin, the endocannabinoid system affects the body on a much wider scale, helping to improve the overall mental and physical condition in addition to correcting the sleep rhythm.

One of the most important functions of the endocannabinoid system is to prepare the body to cope with stress, which makes CBD a promising compound for alleviating mental ailments.

Unlike classic cannabis, which has various health risks, cannabidiol has not been found to have harmful or addictive properties. While psychiatric drugs cause very strong chemical shifts in the brain, cannabidiol does so in a much safer and more natural way for the body.

In the case of endocannabinoids, the amount of the compound used is important, which determines how the body reacts and how effective the sedative effect is. CBD oil concentrate is designed with the best possible service to the body in mind, which is why they are easy and safe to use.

There is no health without mental health! We encourage you to take the reins of your mental health in your hands already today with the help of CBD and psychological support if needed!

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