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Migraines, Autoimmunity and Phytocannabinoids

How CBD can help keep those splitting headaches at bay This week, PĒLL takes a look at migraines: their impact and astonishing prevalence in modern society; their potential connection with autoimmunity; and how CBD can be an effective part of migraine treatment plans. Migraines – A Global Problem Anyone who has experienced a migraine knows […]

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Shackles of the Mind – How Anxiety and Fear Impede Our Progress

Today, PĒLL takes a dive into two of our most dreaded emotions (pun intended), anxiety and fear, as well as exploring some options to keep these unwelcome visitors at bay! Anxiety and fear are as ingrained into the human experience as any other emotion. They’re perfectly natural; an evolutionary adaptation that protects us from dangers […]

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Cannabinoids and the Gut – A Tale of Two Systems

In recent years, our understanding of how cannabinoids can help the human body has skyrocketed. It seems with every new study published, we learn a little bit more about how CBD, CBG, and dozens of similar compounds can improve our lives. To take just one example, recent advances in our understanding of gut health show […]

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