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About Us

Range of Products

Our main goal is just to help people maintain good health because that’s what’s most important. Our range of products help our customers to address different health problems such as anxiety, sleeping problems, inflammation, mood, gut health, focus, joint issues, IBS and trauma recovery.


PĒLL was founded in 2021 but our roots date back to 2005 when members of our team re-introduced hemp growing in Estonia. Hemp is one of the oldest plants ever to be cultivated by humankind and still keeps scientists busy with more and more amazing discoveries about its effects on human body. Being the source of inspiration and the main ingredient in most of our products, hemp plant and its products also carry our core philosophy of sustainable development and openess.

Vertically Integrated

We are building a vertically integrated company so that the production of our products starts by planting the seed to grow our raw material. Why is that good? Because of quality, transparency, traceability, progress, innovation and controlled costs.


Vjatśelsav Śuvalov – Head Chemist

Nerijus Pocevicius – Chemical Engineer

Aigar Ojaots – Business Development

Ago Siiner – Supply Chain

Maido Mölder – Pharma (not big)

Helen Hirv – Product Development