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Liisu Miller’s experience: relieving stress, sleep problems and supporting body in various health concerns

“I’ll share with you a bit of my health history, although I still don’t have a complete picture of it myself. I’ve been from a physio, a neurologist, a rheumatologist to cardiologists, and also from alternative medicine to functional medicine doctors in the last six months. It’s been a very educational journey that I’ve been on in my life had to introduce major changes.” – Liisu Miller #pellpeople

Liisu shared her story with us in Estonian on a video so we’ll do our best to tell her story for you here.

Her health story has been long with many different symptoms and no logical explanation as to why she has them, the doctors have said it all refers to an autoimmune disease. She has battled with different kinds of joint pains in her hands, numbness in her feet and hands, low back pain, heart pounding, anxiety sweats during nights and understandably this all has caused a lot of fear. There have been days when she just hasn’t been able to function at all. Lately, she has done many changes in her lifestyle from taking care of having a healthy diet, adding health supplements, and taking care of her gut health to changing the water filtration system in her home. And of course, started using CBD.

Liisu has gathered information about CBD for a while, almost 9 years, actually in the hopes of helping a family member who is battling with an autoimmune disease and today she has found herself in a place where she needs help herself. She found us through Instagram and what spoke to her about us is that we also produce our products ourselves. She has done one course using our 30% Medium full spectrum CBD oil and 10% Strong full spectrum CBD oil since the end of last year and plans to do another one in the autumn (the interview was done in the beginning of 2022).

“I have found relief in every aspect with CBD! This is really not some kind of a sales pitch,” says Liisu as she continues to describe what changed for her with starting to use CBD. It helped her to fall asleep better, not only but to also improve her quality of sleep, she is not waking up with strong lower back pains in the morning and she gets to paint again after a long period of time because her hands are not hurting as they were. CBD doesn’t make you feel high but it helps to take away worrying and anxiety which helps to continue living every day in peace.

Something important she emphasizes that we also believe in is that in addition to using CBD is that it’s often important to overall make sure that the kind of lifestyle you have supports the body and our health, physical and mental. CBD is not addictive according to scientific research but as any good thing can cause addiction from sex to chocolate so can we stay dependent on CBD as well if we’re not implementing the change into our lifestyle our body asks for. Liisu recommends using CBD as a course to support the body in getting back into a healthy rhythm and that’s what we usually recommend as well.

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