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Krõõt Tarkmeel’s experience: Relieved tension headache

“I am sharing thoughts about the effect of PĒLL CBD drops on my body and mind. I got relief from a tension headache and a brief stress wave. I have always been someone who sleeps undisturbed even in the turbulence of an airplane, but I realized already in the first weeks that cannabinoids make falling asleep even more smooth.

I received quick support for tension headache attacks and more anxious moments with PĒLL’s Strong 30% extract.

I plan to do tests in the near future to see the impact on my autoimmune inflammation markers.

Thank you PĒLL for introducing me to CBD! I’m sure I won’t take so many ibuprofen in case of headache attacks in the future, and I’ll find support in CBD instead.” – Krõõt Tarkmeel #pellpeople

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