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PĒLL.+ phytocannabinoid paste




This is a raw paste with specially formulated phytocannabinoids from the PĒLL.+ product line. Designed for regular use to provide a long-lasting effect. This product affects diseases on the autoimmune spectrum and rheumatoid arthritis – relieves symptoms and slows down the course of the disease. The paste also helps with various joint problems – hip joints, knee joints, fingers. Relieves joint pain with long-term use, improves mobility, lowers inflammation, also accelerates recovery from trauma and surgery.

It is recommended to use together with our Medium extract. These two products in combination accelerate each other’s effect and increase the effect.

INCI: Cannabis Sativa Leaf Extract

10000 mg of extract in the product.

Additional information:

Use the product daily in a small amounts (for example, the tip of a table knife) under the tongue after a meal and let it absorb. Strong resin flavor. With daily use, the product will last for about a month.