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In PELL we believe it’s important that whatever we put in our bodies would be as simple as possible, as natural as possible (instead of being highly processed) and that we know where it comes from.


The MCT oil (medium-chain triglyceride oil), which is fractionated coconut or palm oil and is mainly used in CBD products, is highly hyped but unfortunately also highly processed, with its origin often times very hard to track because of the long chain of processing. So we have instead chosen to use our own in-house made cold pressed hempseed oil, certified organic, of course, made out of hemp that grows right here on the beautiful fields of our home country Estonia.


We use special glass bottles with UV protection as packaging. UV protection is very important because the cannabinoids in the product are degraded by UV radiation and the product loses its potency. In addition to the pipette, we also offer products in bottles with a spray nozzle for easy and precise use.


At the moment our hemp extracts are produced in Switzerland according to our specifications. The first batches of extracts from our own certified organic raw materials will be ready by Spring 2022. You can keep an eye on our story with this and much more here.


👉 In recent months, we have taken several important steps to improve domestic CBD production. We can safely say that our supercritical CO2 extraction device purchased from Switzerland has the largest capacity compared to neighboring countries and that thanks to this, PĒLL’s very first 100% domestic extract has been completed at TalTech! It is only an initial test, but for us, it is a very important milestone, which shows that we are steadily moving towards the set goals. 💪 #pellcare